Tile and Error

We reluctantly ventured back into tiling in order to finish our showers.

Counter Productive

We put the together the kitchen of my dreams in one of the more enjoyable parts of the home-building experience.

Mind the Gap

We have been inching ever closer to having a completed home by installing our baseboard trim at the slowest of paces

Stair Masters

Another hurdle overcome with the completion of our stairs, which were overly complicated and far too numerous for my liking.


Although there are still some vital components to complete, our floors are now fully installed!

Laying Tile

Although we continually regretted the decision to tile such a large portion of the house, the tile floors are complete and turned out looking great!

What Lies Beneath

We set to work prepping the subfloors for the final flooring and installing the uncoupling membrane where we’ll be laying tile.

Decked Out

After an epic six week struggle with Lowe’s customer service, we finally received the material we had ordered and built out our back deck.


We hired a subcontractor to do the drywall finishing and then painted the entire interior.

Walled Off

With another BIG milestone checked off – drywall on all our interior walls – our house is finally starting to feel like a house!